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"According to research, we have somewhere between 2 and 10 million bacteria living between our elbow and the tip of our finger. And germs can stay alive on our hands for up to three hours! Hand washing matters.

This is why, as a frustrated mother of a child who did not like to wash his hands, we created Dirty Soap.  I found first hand with my own son that by making the hand washing ritual more fun, and helping him to understand the power of germs, he was more willing to 'come clean'!  He loved seeing the magic show that Dirty Soap provided, where the dark colored soap turned white!


Dirty Soap's mission is to give parents a fun, effective, and safe way to get their children's hands clean!"


Mom, Inventor, Entrepreneur



  • Buy washable chalk and mark his hands with it before it’s time to wash up. His job? To remove every trace of the chalk with the soapy water.

  • Play Race the Clock. Set a timer for 15 to 30 seconds, pour liquid soap over his hands, and encourage him to produce squeaky clean hands before the timer goes off!

  • Show your children how germs grow. Place a slice of bread in a zip locked bag marked “Touched”, and another slice in a bag marked “Untouched. Have your son rub his unwashed hands on the slice marked “Touched” and then spritz a mist of water into both bags before sealing. (It helps to make sure they’re dirty, so you may want to conduct this experiment after he’s been playing outside.) Observe which bread grows mold more quickly. Your son will see more on the slice that he touched. Explain to him that even though germs are invisible, they can end up in our food, or create viruses that make us sick and that’s why it’s so important to wash well.

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